Nancy Thermal: The opening of the wellness space is still delayed

Nancy Thermal: The opening of the wellness space is still delayed

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The opening of the health center at the Nancy Thermal Complex, initially scheduled for May 15, has been postponed. (© Amandine Mehl/Lauren News)

after the first postponement, ValvetalNancy Thermal Operator, indicates on Monday, June 5, 2023 thathealthy area Eventually it won’t be able to unlock this month.

Although installedAdditional technical equipmentafter the return of the regional health agency indicate that water quality were not “fully in accordance with the regulatory requirements for individual treatments”, the conditions required by the regulations for heat treatments are not always not reunited.

to New analyticsUnder the control of the ARS, this will be carried out “during the month of June,” according to Valvital. Therefore, the opening date cannot be announced at this time.

Complicated Beginnings by Nancy Thermal

If there are satisfied visitors fortunately, the complex charges Complicated beginnings And he faces a lot of criticism.

In addition to the closure of the complexes, in turn, due to technical problems, a situation that has been widely ridiculed by netizens on social networks, and some customers complain of cleanlinessthe No banners or even having children In the wellness area, it is accessible from the age of six.

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