Nancy Pelosi takes over the leadership of the Democratic Party in the House of Representatives after two decades

Nancy Pelosi takes over the leadership of the Democratic Party in the House of Representatives after two decades

She bows. after He led the Democrats in the House of Representatives Nearly 20 years ago, Nancy Pelosi announced, Thursday, that she is giving up running for the position of “leader” of the party to hand it over to a “new generation.” At 82, she is the one who marked American politics by becoming the first woman speaker of the House of Representatives, and will keep her seat as California’s representative, at least for the time being. He hailed Joe Biden as a “hardcore defender of democracy,” especially while at it Capitol attackand “the most important speaker of the House of Representatives in our history.”

At his farewell address, only a dozen Republicans were present. Conservative Party, which has He regained a narrow majority in the House of Representatives In the midterm elections, it should be led by Kevin McCarthy, if he can secure the support of the populist wing for his election as president in January.

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attacked the husband

Nancy Pelosi has praised the diversity of the House, noting that there were only a dozen Democrats elected when she arrived in Congress in 1987, compared to nearly 100 today. When it ended, the woman, known for her white and colorful suits but above all for her iron grip and sense of negotiation, received a standing ovation, including from Republican Steve Scales.

Nancy Pelosi praised the “achievements” she contributed to with three US presidents, citing George Bush, Barack Obama, with historic health reform, and Joe Biden, but deliberately omitted Donald Trump.

The former US president’s affair was with Nancy Pelosi, who led an impeachment directive against him, and tore up his State of the Union speech live two years ago. When Nancy Pelosi’s husband He was attacked with a hammer By a plotter who wanted to take the Speaker of the House hostage, Donald Trump has remained silent.

After 20 years at the helm of the Democratic Party, Nancy Pelosi will leave a void that will be difficult to fill. Who will succeed him, while his loyal lieutenant, Stenyy Hoyer, also hangs up at 83? Young Democratic shooters like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will have to wait: The frontrunner is Brooklyn Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, 52, who has chaired the Democratic caucus since 2019.

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