Name taken from the world of science fiction الخيال

The Tesla Model S Plaid has barely been unveiled, and is already showing off its performance, in a space reminiscent of its origins.

The final Tesla Model S Plaid was launched at a colorful event inside the Fremont plant. On this occasion, a few distinguished people were able to get up close and personal with the new super electric sedan and get a (very) quick ride on board.

It was on a straight line that guests witnessed the impressive acceleration of the Model S Plaid. As a reminder, the 1,034-horsepower electric sedan is able to do 0-100 km/h in 2.1 seconds and complete the 400m DA in 9.23 seconds, a record for a production auto.

Plaid, or stealth replica story

Always looking for geek references, brand Elon Musk has installed a specially lit tunnel on the starting line. A light-up play that quickly reminds us of the star-studded swirls of some of the sci-fi movies that Elon Musk adores.

We also find in one of them the origins of the name Model S. More precisely in the crazy history of space of 1987, a parody of Star Wars. In order to catch up with the fugitives, Lord Dark Helmet activates the ridiculous speed of the Spaceball One ship. Because the velocity is disproportionate in the middle of the stars, the starry field of view then acquires the appearance of … a texture with Scottish patterns. Steeped in pop culture, this look is now on the stem of a Tesla Model S Plaid.

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