Myth: Development is complicated by Playground Games' inexperience |  Xbox One

Myth: Development is complicated by Playground Games’ inexperience | Xbox One

It has now been over 5 years since Playground Games Studio developed The Next Day mythIt is the title that Xbox gamers have been eagerly awaiting. Very little information has been shared by the British studio so far except for a few major hirings, such as those ofFormer developer at Rare And the’Game designer from CD Projekt. However, the studio appears to be having some difficulties developing this new tale.

Inexperience and difficult adaptation of the original creators of Forza Horizon

This is really what comes out of the developer. Playground Games is a studio created in 2010 by car and open world gaming veterans. This is how the saga Horizon Forza They were commissioned and that it was their only major production 12 years ago. The Fable project could have changed many things within the studio and adaptation would have been more difficult than anticipated.

The creation of an open-world racing game and a fantasy RPG format obviously don’t have much in common, which should explain the slow progression of development according to designer Juan Fernandez who has worked a bit on Fable within Playground Games.

“Playground Games is a very well organized and production oriented studio. Every two years they release Forza Horizon with over 90 on Metacritic with amazing quality. They have taken racing games and dominated for the past few years. They are very smart and they know what they are doing. They wanted to get into something different and they thought What they are good at is open world racing games, but they lacked people who have knowledge of how to implement the game. In an open world, the way character control and actions are very different from what you find in a racing game. On a technological level, you have to develop animations, texts and a search system Traveling by car at 300 km/ha is completely different from driving in the countryside.”

Fernandez also talks about the work ethic of Playground Games: “Doing more with less.” A logical operation and elaborate formula like Forza Horizon, but it shows its limits when it comes to developing a new game of a completely different kind.

“The open world action RPG is incredibly complex, and takes a lot of time. Lots of people and Playground have the mentality of doing more with less resources, and that if Assassin’s Creed is made by 5,000 people, they’ll get 150 or 200, and if they do that [Assassin’s Creed] In 7 years they’ll do Fable in 5. It’s good to be ambitious, but you also have to be realistic and what you’ve seen is [le développement] He was getting taller. »

This enriching testimony provides many answers to questions that players have been waiting for new information about the Fable project. Juan Fernandez remains optimistic though, because according to him, the recent hirings by Playground Games can only be positive for the development progress.

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