MW3: Slow health regeneration is criticized by the community

MW3: Slow health regeneration is criticized by the community

MW3 players are criticizing the game’s slow health regeneration rates, and many are hoping the developers will make improvements sooner rather than later.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 went on sale to average reviews earlier this month. Player reception hasn’t been much better, though the developers will look to improve the experience over time. They will also have a lot of comments to take into account.

So far, Modern Warfare faithful have requested everything from vehicle fixes to the addition of server-related features.

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Now the conversation targets another problematic feature – the renewal of health. Some players already have suggestions on how to improve things in this regard.

MW3 players say that health regeneration needs to be changed as soon as possible

A Modern Warfare 3 player recently criticized the game’s slow health regeneration rate on Reddit. According to a frustrated user, a game that focuses on fast action doesn’t have to force players to wait seven seconds for their health to regenerate.

The problem is a boring episode where players get wounded in combat and win that battle, only to be wiped out by another enemy because the first wound takes too long to heal.

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In their comment, the Redditor wrote: “I don’t know about you, but I run into this scenario regularly, where my health recovery time seems to put me back in certain situations.”

Based on the comments, many players agree with this sentiment. “Yes, they need to increase their health regeneration rate.”we read in response.

Some believe that adding a quick regeneration feature would provide the perfect solution, as the feature would remove the health regeneration delay every time users make a kill.

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One person said of Trump’s hoped-for arrival: “All I want for Christmas is… a quick regeneration! Imagine getting it from the start of the game and not like in MW2 a few minutes later.

Meanwhile, others believe that the second enemy in the above scenario needs to be considered. One Redditor presented his case with the following: “…When shooting someone else, it gives you more time to be aggressive and go after a weak opponent if they get hit, so the longer recovery time also rewards more aggressive players in my opinion.”

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As of now, it’s unclear whether or not the MW3 developers will address these health regeneration concerns.

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