MW3 players demand new solutions against cheaters

MW3 players demand new solutions against cheaters

Ludovic Quinson

The cheating epidemic in MW3 has gotten progressively worse, and players are demanding new ways to combat this frustrating trend.

In an effort to combat cheaters in all modes, Activision released Ricochet in 2021, an all-new anti-cheat system. Two years later, this anti-cheat seems to be happening in a vacuum, as MW3 and Warzone are infested with cheaters en masse.

The situation is such that some fans cannot differentiate whether some players are openly cheating or just good at the game.

After an official update announced that over 23,000 accounts have been banned, MW3 players have taken matters into their own hands to consider additional anti-cheater measures.

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CoD players are thinking about ways to combat cheating problems in MW3

After thinking about the case of MW3, with 23 thousand accounts blocked Since mid-November, MW3 players have been meeting to discuss what can be done to combat cheaters.

For ranked mode, they should consider that it can only be accessed after reaching level 100+ to prevent new accounts from cheating after bansaid the most popular comment on Reddit.

There are systems similar to this in Valorant or Rainbow Six Siege that prevent players from moving up a rank until they meet the account requirements.

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On the one hand, some praise anti-cheats that seem to “learn”, provided they are programmed correctly. Others criticized the removal of the ability to enable or disable cross-play.

On the other hand, 23,000 banned accounts seems like a good start. However, when you take into account MW3's free weekend in December, this seems like just a drop in the bucket for cheaters.

While Ricochet is rapidly evolving, many players feel that the cheater issue in MW3 and Warzone is completely out of control.

Let's hope the developers look at this topic again in the coming weeks in order to appease increasingly frustrated players.

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