MW3 players are shocked by the development of cheating in the game

MW3 players are shocked by the development of cheating in the game

Ludovic Quinson

A recent video showing a player being killed by a completely unseen opponent has MW3 fans concerned, with many believing the only reasonable conclusion is the presence of unseen cheaters.

Cheating is a big problem in many competitive online games, but it's also a particular source of frustration for MW3 players.

Although Modern Warfare 3 developers are actively working to prevent cheaters from spreading with waves of bans on tens of thousands of accounts, cheating remains a major problem in the eyes of many players.

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Recently, players said that cheating has reached new heights, with invisible players.

MW3 players wonder about invisible cheaters

In MW3, dying due to server error isn't exactly uncommon. Lag can have strange side effects, such as shooting into walls or the player's model not matching their actual location depending on the server.

This is a common occurrence in online gaming, and lag can cause strange issues in certain circumstances.

However, what's new is that players become completely invisible and run in the middle of the map with a knife without taking any bullets.

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A player recently participated video This is the kind of action where we clearly see an unseen player taking him down with a knife.

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Although there is a possibility that it is just a bug or server glitch, players believe that this person was cheating.

While the idea of ​​his business card is a mockery to players, the fact that his name is “User” followed by several numbers raises suspicions.

Yeah, for once I'm not just going to say “Oh, it's out of sync” or “It's slow”, it's just pure and simple maskingsays one Reddit user, a sentiment shared by many.

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Proof finally. There were many instances where the kill cam wasn't clearly visible, but I chalked that up to the speed of the game, visual tricks, or something else. I am not crazy. This really happens.Says another player.

So, is it real cheating or just a bug in the game? Considering the number of responses from players claiming to have been in the same situation, it is unfortunately likely that cheating is the issue again. So let's hope the developers look into this new form of cheating as soon as possible.

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