Murder, Rape, and Arrest of 1,000: The Bloody "Spring Break" craze in Florida - News Abroad

Murder, Rape, and Arrest of 1,000: The Bloody “Spring Break” craze in Florida – News Abroad

Florida’s “Spring Break” celebrations escalate. There are sprawling street parties, vandalism, brawls – and lots of deaths!

Two men (21, 24) from North Carolina were arrested in Miami Beach. As police announced on Tuesday, they were said to have drugged a woman (24), raped an unconscious, and stole her credit cards – in order to continue celebrating the money.

The woman died in her hotel room. Whether it was through the drugs that the men gave her has not yet been clarified.

▶ ︎ Two people were killed in Panama City on the Gulf of Mexico. A 31-year-old man parachuted from the 23rd floor of the hotel. The parachute did not open.

In addition, a 14-year-old was shot while on spring vacation in Panama City with his family. His brother, who is also 14 years old, was wounded. Police have arrested the suspected shooter, the 37-year-old from Kentucky. The authorities have not commented yet on the background of the bloody act.

Parties in Miami Beach lead to violence and vandalismPhoto: Joe Riedel / AFP

Extending the state of emergency and arresting 1,000 people

Meanwhile, Miami Beach authorities have extended the current state of emergency. Curfews remain in effect in areas like South Beach’s popular Ocean Drive until at least March 30, from 8 PM to 6 AM. The reason is the constant rush to celebrate visitors in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Police said more than 1,000 people have been arrested since the start of the semester break, known as “Spring Break”, at the beginning of February. About 80 firearms were seized.

“It’s like our city is a powder keg at the moment,” Mayor Dan Gilber told CNN.

The matter is not only limited to the fact that party-seekers do not wear masks despite Corona and ignore the rules of distance. “Some people also come with bad intentions, so there have been fights and even shootings.”

Gilber said, according to the “Miami Herald”, that many of them are not students.

If the situation does not calm down, the state of emergency imposed at the end of last week can apply until the end of the “Spring Break”: the city council decided to extend the measures until April 13 if necessary.

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