Multiservice space in Néfiach: first mode of a “big project”

Multiservice space in Néfiach: first mode of a “big project”

The foundation stone for the multi-service space has been laid. An exemplary project that highlights the state of mind of a rural municipality that does not want to give up.

We should build cities in the countryside because the air is cleaner there.”, suggested journalist Alphonse Alais. The municipality took up this idea on its own because the sky is bluer there and the energies are revealing. To reach the federation of state, territory, administration, municipality and health professionals, nothing in common.

Mayor Patrice Villa and his Town Council welcomed, on this occasion, Prefect Rodrigue Forsey, Deputy Prefect of Brades, Didier Karponcin, representative of the district, Christine Gass, Robert Garabi for the constituency, Senator Jean Sol, mayors of the Roussillon-Conflent commune, its president William Burghoffer and several partners .

A project that took root the day after the election of the new municipal team with the aim of buying the old cooperative basement. “The central location of this cellar, close to the school, village hall and main roads, allowed us to put together a project. It is a structuring tool composed of four distinct entities: a city hall, a multidisciplinary health center, and comprehensive housing that meets the emerging needs of the residents of the living area.Patrice Villa explained.

He congratulated the first assistant

The first phase, which is scheduled to be delivered in December 2024, consists of a multidisciplinary health center. “To respond to the medical desert affecting the Néfiachois and more broadly the population of Riberal. And an offer of inclusive, multigenerational housing that can accommodate people with disabilities, seniors alone or in pairs, and young people in the process of professional integration.

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In the second step, the site will have a town hall. That will be a service force, with the potential to create a company at the endand a home for babysitters.

coherent project: We wanted to enhance the consistency of this project. By this, it seems to me necessary to thank and congratulate my first assistant, Catherine Barnaul. Katherine, you are our little comma element in each letter and the friend we have chosen, giving us the benefit of your contacts and your precious experience.Patrice Villa confirmed this before handing him the city medal.

A project to reassure and satisfy the rulerWe see an achievement that perfectly illustrates everything state-supported in the ministry […] A project of this magnitude, in a municipality of this size, is rare“.

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