Multiple sports.  “Sports” books for Christmas?  Our selection of Gift Ideas – Multi Sports

Multiple sports. “Sports” books for Christmas? Our selection of Gift Ideas – Multi Sports

Behind the scenes of our Olympic years

Gabriela Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron reveal behind the scenes “the eight years that led (them) to Olympic gold”. Sliders provide interesting documents: photos, personal notes, fashion sketches…

Behind the Scenes of Our Olympic Years, Gabriela Papadakis, Guillaume Cizeron, with Clementine Blondet. Marabou, 32 euros

effects of cycling

(Photo by Nicholas Creech)

Milan-San Remo, Tour of Flanders, Paris-Roubaix, Liege-Bastogne-Liege and the Tour of Lombardy are the five highlights of cycling. They are told here by the team journalists who have covered them for years.

effects of cycling. Solar Editions 29.90 euros.

Team, 1,000 first pages

(Photo by Nicholas Creech)

Title, photo and memories bring back. Thrills too, relive 73 years of the sport illustrated by 1,000 initial pages of L’Équipe, and over 3kg of fun sliced ​​to share. Basic.

“L’Équipe, 1000 unes”, by Pascal Gloux, Solar, 408 pages, €35

Around the world in 80 stadiums

Morlaix (29) November 24, 2022 Book
(Photo by Nicholas Creech)

You know the biggest stadiums. Inseparable from the major events they hosted? But do you know the most beautiful stadiums, much more unusual and unknown? Discovery guaranteed!

Around the World in 80 Stages, Vladimir Crescenzo, Chemins des Crêtes, 192 pages, 29 euros.

Nantes game chemistry

(Photo by Nicholas Creech)

The game of Nantes died, but the expression remained frozen in the popular language. Who are the men who embodied it? Arribas predecessor, Vincent’s forgotten rival, Suaudeau’s trainer, Denoueix’s heir.

“The Chemistry of Nantes’ Game”, by Daniel Olivier, Solar Edition, 284 pages, €19.90.

My pants were too small

Morlaix (29) November 24, 2022 Book
(Photo by Nicholas Creech)

Defeat is never easy, but it does lead to the most outlandish excuses, like the title of this 140-word book of bad losers that often overflows with creativity.

“My Pants Were Too Small”, by Christophe Ducheron and Manuel Tessier, Solar, 144 pages, € 12.90

The NBA, the equal game

(Photo by Nicholas Creech)

If some believe sports should not be politicized, every January the NBA honors the legacy of Martin Luther King. Through a richly illustrated book, the myths of yesterday and today bear witness to their connection to the values ​​of equality and inclusion.

“NBA, the match of equality”, Solar, 144 pages, 26.99 euros.

100 legendary football matches

15112022 100 Egyptian pounds A legendary football match
(Photo by Nicholas Creech)

There are matches that create, strengthen or rekindle emotion. Liverpool-Milan Istanbul night in 2005, for example…and many more that will awaken your memories in this well-documented and beautifully illustrated green book.

“100 Legendary Football Matches”, Bernard Morlino, Grund, 200 pages, €24.95.

Corridor named Desire

This collection of 100 stories published in the Journal du Golf will be enjoyed by all fans of the little white ball … and all fans of the pen of journalist Pierre-Michel Bono.

A Passage Named Desire, Pierre-Michel Bono, Solar, 400 pages, €24.90.

French championship, 90 years of history

Morlaix (29) November 24, 2022 Book
(Photo by Nicholas Creech)

Its changes, its addresses, its small and large stories, its joys, its sorrows…

It’s the complete course of professional football in France since 1932, on and off the field, this beautiful book packed with impressive iconography.

“French Championship, 90 years of history”, by Dennis Schumer, Solar, 248 pages, 35 euros.

France – All Blacks, thirteen ways to beat the New Zealanders

Morlaix (29) November 24, 2022 Book
(Photo by Nicholas Creech)

Returning to the Blues’ 13 victories (in 62 games, 68 years) against the Blacks while highlighting a crucial component of each: a new angle to immerse yourself in this incredible encounter.

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“France – All Blacks, Thirteen Ways to Beat the New Zealanders”, by Olivier Filbroux, Solar, 176 pages, €29.90.

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