Mubasher - Presidency 2022: The French in the polls for the first round of elections

Mubasher – Presidency 2022: The French in the polls for the first round of elections

Valerie Pecres votes for Evelyn

Candidate Valerie Pecres is voting this morning at Velizy-Villacoplay in Evelyn.

Jean-Luc Melenchon votes in Marseille

Candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon casts his ballot this morning in Marseille, in the 4th arrondissement of Bouches-du-Rhône, where he has been a deputy since 2017. He is the second candidate to vote.

François Hollande votes in Correz

Former President François Hollande voted on Sunday in Tulle in Correz.

‘I can’t imagine not voting’: the French are starting to vote in France

Since the polls opened at eight in the morning, the French have been putting their ballot papers into the polls for the first round of the presidential election. The latest polls point to record abstentions, but for voters who came to a polling station in Paris’s 18th arrondissement this morning, going to vote is “obvious”.

“I can’t imagine not voting, for me it’s freedom, it’s so important,” someone said into a BFMTV microphone.

“Obviously yes, but without much conviction,” another voter explained, saying she was “disappointed with the nominations.” “But we have to do it, and we have to think about our next experiences so we can wake up early and do it,” she added.

How do you know where your polling station is?

The French are invited to vote on Sunday in the first round of the presidential election. The polling station could be a city hall, a school near you, or even a gymnasium. Our article is on how to find your polling station address.

Jan Castex votes in Prades

Prime Minister Jean Castilles voted on Sunday morning in Prades in the Pyrenees Orientales where he was mayor until 2020.

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Voters can vote without a mask

Since 8 a.m., voters head to polling stations in mainland France to vote. Surgical masks are available at polling places but are not required to be worn to vote. Our article is to learn more about the health protocol in place for elections.

Anne Hidalgo votes in Paris

PS candidate Anne Hidalgo voted in the 15th arrondissement in Paris on Sunday morning. She is the first female candidate to go to the polls.

Nicolas Sarkozy votes in Paris

Former President Nicolas Sarkozy voted in Paris on Sunday morning.

When will we know the results of the first round of elections?

The results of the first round of the presidential election will not be announced before the closing of the last polling station on mainland France, at 8 p.m. Our article is to find out all about publishing results.

Edouard Philippe voted in Le Havre

The former prime minister and current mayor of Le Havre went to vote when the polls opened.

open polling stations

It’s time to choose 48.7 million voters. Polling stations open for the first round of the first round of the presidential elections.

Most polling stations will be open until 7 pm, except for large cities where voters can enter ballot papers into the ballot box until 8 pm, such as Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Nice and Marseille again.

Is it permissible for us to take a selfie in the voting booth?

A selfie, a Snapchat story, an Instagram… Many voters want to share the symbolic act of voting on social networks.

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In 2014, the hashtag #selfisoloir was launched on the occasion of the municipal elections and thousands of selfies were posted on the platforms. Since then, the issue of selfies in the voting booth has been raised with every election. Find out what the rule says in our article.

37.08% in Guadeloupe, 34.6% in Guyana: Participation rates at 5 pm outside

Voters have already begun voting in the Overseas Territories. At 5 p.m., the turnout for the first round was 37.08% in Guadeloupe, according to figures quoted by the province. It is 34.6% in Guyana, 35.1% in Martinique, and 44.4% in Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon.

In Polynesia, turnout is 12.34% at noon.

6, 7 or 8 p.m.: When do the presidential polls close?

What time can you vote this Sunday? If we know that polling stations close from 6 p.m., it’s not always easy to know the exact times for each city. Because closing time does not always depend on the size of the municipality. All the details are in our article.

The movements of the mask and the barrier .. the health protocol applied in the elections

Do you have the right to vote if you have Covid-19? Yes, this is totally possible. Please note that you will not be asked for any certificate: no proof of vaccination, no certificate of recovery, no negative test. The health protocol established by the authorities is above all a catalyst.

Voter card, ID card, passport…? What you need to vote

You don’t necessarily need an ID to be able to vote on Sunday. In municipalities with a population of less than 1,000, this is not mandatory. In others, you can use other identifiers. Passport, bio card, fishing license … We list the accepted official documents in this article.

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How do you know your polling place

It could be your city hall, or a school near you, or a gymnasium… If you have any doubts about the location of your polling station, there are two options: either look at your voter, where the information is recorded, or consult the site created by the administration. All the details are in our article.

D-Day for the first round, polls open at 8 am in mainland France

It’s D-Day. Hello everyone and welcome to this live broadcast dedicated to the first round of the 2022 presidential election. If polling is already organized this Saturday outside, polling stations open on Sunday mornings at 8 everywhere in the French capital, closing at 7 or 8 pm According to the municipality.

To learn all about the practical aspects of polling, you can refer to the frequently asked questions.

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