MSI Project Zero: They also don't like cables anymore

MSI Project Zero: They also don’t like cables anymore

It’s clear that MSI and Gigabyte have given themselves the floor. They are tired of cables. GIGABYTE introduced its concept To put an end to vitrified machinery in cable management Disastrous, MSI seems to have too ideas With the concept of MSI Project Zero.

In the idea, the little red dragon brand would like to build a new series of products dedicated to users who assemble their PC in order to help them improve their setup without much effort. So MSI is working on several solutions that will make up the Project Zero PC suite.

MSI Zero connectors project

MSI Project Zero: The End of Cables (Almost) Too?

MSI Project Zero

The first of these products is brand new Intel Z690 . based motherboard which will be part of a domain chain consolidation. Compared to the current motherboard, the new version hardly has any connectors on the surface. All connections are either hidden or located on the back of the motherboard. You can see in the images posted here that the diagnostic screen is also “disguised” as the power/reset keys below. Another note, if this Zero Edition is part of the Unify series, there should be no RGB LEDs on the motherboard.

MSI Project Zero

This card is clearly not usable in a classic case which is why we can count on MSI to provide us with a chassis and possibly other items.

MSI Project Zero

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