Moviezine.  The sports guidance space was opened

Moviezine. The sports guidance space was opened

The Espace Sport Orientation (ESO) was inaugurated on December 9 in the presence of representatives of the city council, the Mauvezin Orientation Club and the community of municipalities of Bastides de Lomagne.

It consists of a network of 30 control stations made up of wooden posts equipped with a control clamp. This network is shown on a map of a specific routing circuit (accurate and detailed), accompanied by technical instructions.

Three circuits are offered: “Heritage” with city circuit, 2.3 km long with 14 stations, allowing to link CO2 with heritage discovery; “Nature” with a 4.3 km circuit in a natural environment and 11 stations along the Araz River; And “sports” circuits that combine the two previous circuits, with a length of 5.8 kilometers and 19 stations (more technical).

ESO allows you to practice nature sports independently, alone, with family or friends, in sports mode or as an amateur. It is also open to people passing through town or on vacation.

The ESO was designed by the Mauvezin Club in cooperation with the city council. The latter financed the construction of the course, and technical services installed the equipment. The municipal community is responsible for disseminating information and maps.

Note that Gers is currently equipped with 7 ESOs, and demand for new locations continues.

Concretely, those wishing to discover the activity can obtain a map and technical instructions from the tourism office. The starting and ending point is at the lake.

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