Mouth closing device to fight obesity causes scandal

Mouth closing device to fight obesity causes scandal

A less controversial invention. New Zealand researchers have developed a mouth-locking device, known as DentalSlim Diet Control, that is believed to allow this obese To lose weight quickly.

The tool is presented as a “world first”, powered by magnets that completely prevent the wearer from opening their mouths. The device, which has not yet been commercialized, is applied by A dentist on the molars. Once installed, it allows the jaws to open only two millimeters.

Fight obesity?

According to Paul Brunton, a health researcher at the University of Otago (New Zealand), the patient can no longer eat
Liquid foods only But his ability to breathe or speak is not affected. “It is a non-invasive, reversible, economical and attractive alternative to surgical procedures,” he explains. “This device has no negative consequences.”

According to his team, this invention will “help combat the global obesity epidemic.” In an article published in British Journal of Dentistry in June ,
researchers He explained that seven women who tested the device for two weeks lost an average of 6.36 kg. Patients initially found the device uncomfortable before actually judging it as ‘acceptable’.

A real tool of torture

The invention, reminiscent of the jaw-linking procedures practiced in the 1980s, is provided with a safety that allows urgent mouth removal in the event of vomiting or a panic attack. The researchers said none of the guinea pigs used this safety during testing.

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The device is described as simple torture tool by many internet users. The invention sparked a deluge of criticism due to its “hateful and inhuman” nature, and is a pure product of
grosophobic lurking in the medical world.

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