Moroccan Sahara: Morocco is strong in the legitimacy of its cause and the support of the international community (Ambassador Boughalib El Attar)

Friday April 9, 2021 at 3:04 pm

Madrid – The separatist tendencies and the maneuvers of the Polisario are doomed to failure, while Morocco is strong in the legitimacy of its cause, its proposal for autonomy for the southern provinces, and the increasing support for its realistic approach to ending the artificial conflict around it. The Moroccan ambassador to Havana, Boughalib Al-Attar, stressed the territorial integrity of the country.

In an interview with the Spanish magazine “Atalayar”, the Moroccan diplomat said that the Polisario maneuvers are doomed to failure, noting that the last contempt so far is the recent decision of the New Zealand Supreme Court of Justice to dismiss the complaint. By freezing New Zealand’s sovereign funds to invest in fertilizer production activities using Moroccan phosphates, which ruled that these financial operations are legitimate, reminding in the same context that the European Union continues to defend the legitimacy of agriculture and fishing agreements with the Kingdom.

Al-Attar said that investments continue to flow into the southern regions, not only from the United States, France and other European Union countries, but also from Russia.

In this sense, he stressed that the Cuban government, on its part, is demanding that this artificial dispute be resolved within the framework of the United Nations-led process.

In this regard, Mr. Al-Attar affirmed that since his appointment as the King’s ambassador to Cuba, he has never stopped explaining to the Cuban authorities that the only realistic solution to this artificial conflict remains the proposal for advanced autonomy that will allow the inhabitants of the Moroccan Sahara to fully exercise their political, economic and social rights, while preserving The national sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Kingdom.

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The ambassador, who shed light on the wise policy of His Majesty the King based on cooperation between the countries of the South and the promotion of sustainable development with the countries of the African continent, in this regard, pointed out that the opening of diplomatic representation for foreign countries in the South. The governorates are an expression of strong solidarity with Morocco and its support for the Kingdom’s just stance.

Returning to the situation in Guerguerat, Mr. Al-Attar highlighted the Kingdom’s steadfast work to restore the freedom of movement of people and goods as part of a peace process that was welcomed and supported by the international community.

However, he expressed his regret at the continuation of the Polisario separatists in their provocations and ravings, which made the world believe that they are waging a “war” against Morocco.

When asked about Morocco’s success in managing the health crisis linked to Covid-19, Mr. Al Attar indicated that since the first cases appeared, the Kingdom, according to the far-sighted vision of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, has taken the epidemic in a big way. Seriously, he ordered the borders to be closed, while adopting restrictions on movement and strict preventive measures. The ambassador also shed light on the Kingdom’s effective vaccination strategy, which has become a role model.

Referring to the development of relations between Morocco and Cuba, the Moroccan diplomat pointed out that after 37 years of diplomatic break, relations between the two countries are improving significantly in all areas thanks to a common will to advance their bilateral cooperation.

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He added that Morocco and Cuba are more than ever aware of the need to strengthen their relations in the political sphere, as well as in other sectors of activity.

As part of this will, the two countries entered into bilateral agreements to cast votes of mutual support within the New York-based UN Human Rights Council, and New York-based UN bodies. The Moroccan diplomat indicated, in Geneva, that Rabat and Havana also signed two memoranda of cooperation in the mining sector, renewable energies and the environment, and they plan to deepen their partnership in the field of scientific research.

He pointed out that Morocco participates in all forums and seminars organized by the Cuban government to open up to international companies and attract capital to develop its economy, adding that many economic, cultural and political events jointly organized by the countries have been suspended or postponed due to the spread of the epidemic associated with the new Coronavirus.

This is the case, for example, in a cinema week that was postponed due to the forced confinement that was decided due to the epidemic, Mr. Al-Attar recalls.

The Moroccan diplomat said that Morocco and Cuba are also exploring other areas of cooperation and aim to share their experiences in several areas, including the field of port management.

On the cultural side, the Moroccan ambassador in Havana said that the Moroccan-Cuban friendship group of artists and intellectuals has emerged. He noted that this group is made up of artists, filmmakers, fashion designers, poets, journalists, singers and painters.

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