More than just a number |  MotoGP™

More than just a number | MotoGP™

With Valentino Rossi set to retire number 46 from MotoGP™, let’s take a look at the other numbers that have become true icons of the sport.

This weekend, at the Oakley Grand Prix in Italy, #46 will be retired from the MotoGP™ world. This retirement is a tribute to Valentino Rossi, the nine-time World Champion, MotoGP™ legend known around the world for the crazy moments he gave us both on and off the track during his 26 Grand Prix seasons. This party will be held in honor of the Italian in Mugello and we expect a lot of spectacle and emotion. With this important event approaching, we have taken the liberty of scouring the world of sports to discover other athletes whose number has become as famous as their wearers.

Known for his exploits on the pitch and his ability to score goals, the Manchester United star is considered by many to be one of the greatest players in football history. Ronaldo has scored more than 800 goals in his career, winning six Golden Balls, five Champions Leagues, League and Cup titles in Spain, England and Italy, many personal honors and Euro 2016. During this period, he captured the No. 7 in some of the biggest football clubs in the world. the world and developed his brand CR7 from this figure.

Best known for being the 199th pick in the 2000 NFL Draft, Tom Brady became the most successful American football player of all time. The quarterback has had more Superbowl rings than anyone else, winning six with the New England Patriots, while wearing the famous number 12 on his jersey, and another with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

You know you’ve made a lasting impact on the sport when the regulator decides to permanently withdraw your number. It’s an honor bestowed upon ice hockey legend Wayne Gretzky by the NHL in 1999. The Canadians have won four Stanley Cups, the sport’s most recognized trophy, as well as numerous individual awards throughout his incredible career that have made him considered the greatest player of all time.

Rugby union is an exception in sports because the number does not belong to a player, but rather to a position. From 1 to 15, each number has a clearly defined role within the team, with 11 representing the role of the left winger. Many world class players have played in this position and wore this number, but few have come close to the dizzying heights of fame and popularity achieved by the late Jonah Lomo. When rugby turned professional in 1995, the World Cup was held in South Africa, New Zealander Lomo catapulted to stardom as he frantically ran down the left flank to combine attempts that captured the public’s attention. Although he has not won the highest-grossing rugby titles, he is a common scorer of World Cup points and won several club and county titles during an impressive career.

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Argentine Magicians – 10

There must be something about Patagonian waters because Argentina are used to producing the iconic number 10 that is revered the world over, but two in particular rise to the level of a football legend more than anyone else. The first is Diego Maradona, who started with the national team at the age of 16 and led them to win the World Cup in 1982. Maradona came through Boca Juniors, Barcelona and Napoli and left a legacy that is still alive today. those clubs.

For years, everyone who wore the Argentina No. 10 shirt lived in Diego’s shadow, until Lionel Messi arrived. Currently in France with Paris Saint-Germain (where he wears the number 30), Messi is considered by many to be the greatest player of all time. His exploits with FC Barcelona and Argentina saw him win seven Golden Balls, five Champions League and Copa America titles, and numerous national titles and cups, as well as a host of personal titles.

Two big names in the world of football captured the number 10.

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