More than 170 research projects on Corona, Saxony

More than 170 research projects on Corona, Saxony

According to a survey conducted by MDR SACHSEN in universities and related research institutes, more than 170 research projects in Saxony are currently dealing with the topic of SARS-CoV-2. The majority of these are in the medical field. At TU Dresden, for example, there are a total of 82 research projects related to Covid-19, 75 of which come from medicine.

The different disciplines involved in corona research

Medical research projects alone follow many different approaches. The scope ranges from establishing a German-wide autopsy network for epidemiological cases (University Clinic Dresden) to developing a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine based on herpes viruses (Fraunhofer Institute for Cellular Therapy and Immunology) to developing a process that is the individual and the ideal wants to determine the ventilation pressure in Covid patients 19 (University Hospital Leipzig).

But the Corona pandemic is also preoccupying Saxon researchers in other scientific disciplines. For example, a study is being conducted at Chemnitz University of Technology looking at whether video games can alleviate the consequences of connection restrictions. The question of how the early warning system of corona works is a concern of microbiologists at the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research in Leipzig (UFZ). They are looking at how to reliably measure the level of infection in wastewater from wastewater treatment plants.

€ 16 million from Free State Research

As for the Minister of Science in Saxony, Sebastian Jimko, it is clear why so many scientists are currently conducting research on the Corona pandemic:

Nobody wants to put their hands on their arms. Many would like to be very active. Those who can do something about this virus are sometimes very inspired by it.

Sebastian Jimko
Science Minister of Saxony

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