More than 1,500 euros for children from the Alps

Karen Van Bonn (left to right) is happy with € 1,026.50 for Alpener Kinderschutzbund. Hans-Josef Angenendt donated all the proceeds from the sale of his Menzelener photo calendar. Volker Oppers added € 250 on behalf of Sparkasse am Niederrhein. Thomas Luft supported calendar sales with Edeka Supermarket and is a partner of the Child Protection Association in their bag campaign. Year after year, Tatiana Keymer sends the calendar to New Zealand as a Christmas present (Image: Special)

Alps. Sparkasse supports the Hans-Josef Angenendt calendar campaign

Hans-Josef Angenendt has every reason to be happy. Despite the difficult selling conditions, he managed to sell 181 of his wall calendars with picture motifs about Menzelen. “This is 21 years less than the previous year,” says the 70-year-old, “but many clients have submitted more than the € 12.80 requested.” Thus, after deducting production costs, Hans raised an impressive € 1,276.50 – Joseph Enginendt donated to the Alpener Kinderschutzbund as in previous years. The Lower Rhine Savings Bank awards 250 euros. “Great campaign for the supportive kids,” customer advisor Volker Oppers says briefly.

Karen van Bonn, president of the local Child Protection Association, is happy with the donation and affirms: “Corona is a burden on us all, but children in precarious family situations suffer especially.” “The only store where I can view the calendar,” called Edeka- Marktes, Thomas Luft. Also came Tatiana Keymer, who’s been sending the calendar to New Zealand for many years: “In 2011, my daughter spent a year of school in New Zealand. Since then, the host mom receives a parcel for Christmas every year.” And because it takes four weeks for it to go, Hans guarantees -Josef Angenendt that Tatjana Keymer always received one of the first copies of the calendar.

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