More suitable space for judo club

More suitable space for judo club

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club meetings.

This was the case on Wednesday March 9th, early in the evening, with the participation of young and old judokas from UJB Saint-Dizier and Wassy alongside those from Joinville. This meeting allowed the teachers of the three clubs, Christophe Jobe (Joinville), Pascal Petit (UJB) and Clement Humbert (Wassy), to ensure joint preparation for the soon-to-be-start competitions.

In particular, when presenting Wednesday lessons at the Judo School, Christophe Job took the opportunity to recall the educational aspect of youth training. Not necessarily with the aim of making them champions by participating in competitions, but above all to provide pedagogical education in order to make them want to learn the rules of a sport aimed at self-control and respect for the opponent. At the start of the 2021 school year, not all of the club’s graduates have yet returned to the dojo. This was particularly the case for adults in both judo and tasu. With around sixty licensees, the Judo Club remains below the number of recent seasons. teacher 4And the Dan, one of the state’s BE 1 graduates (there are two of them), hopes others will join the ranks with these new means.

Information either during sessions (read in the box), or by calling Priscillia Floquet, at or by sending an email to [email protected]

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