Montreal La Close.  The Mont-Royal Health District has become multidisciplinary

Montreal La Close. The Mont-Royal Health District has become multidisciplinary

For several years, healthcare professionals have been meeting in the same building, at 6 rue de Broylatte, called the Mont-Royal Health Space. Therefore a wide range of speakers is offered to provide patients with diverse possibilities in a wide range of fields.

Over time, the participants wanted to coordinate their actions further and give additional impetus to this gathering. Ideas were submitted by everyone but it was necessary to go further and create a real project.

Therefore, with the assistance of Dora Legros, Independent Health Coordinator, the team of health professionals developed a project and submitted it to the Regional Health Agency (ARS). This was well received. Since Thursday, October 19, the structure has undergone significant development. The Mont-Royal Health Space becomes the Mont-Royal Multispecialty Health Center (MSP).

Dr. Michel Yeznikian has joined the team, although he will continue to practice at its headquarters at 8 Tannery Street, in Nantua.

“We would like to welcome new healthcare professionals to our team”

The aim of MSP actors is to facilitate data transfer within the site, coordinate actions between health professionals to patients, discuss medical developments, acquire skills, develop protocols and recommend actions. Everything should revolve around the patient. The team also wants to develop healthy sports. Contacts have already been made with the local tennis club.

“MSP consists of a dynamic and enthusiastic team. There are many projects underway and we would like to welcome new health professionals to our team,” Dora Legros added.

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