Montreal 1976, charms Nadia Comaneci with a score of 10

Montreal 1976, charms Nadia Comaneci with a score of 10

Montreal 1976 is the XXI Olympiad. 29 African countries boycotted the Games. The absolute champion is Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci.

The 21st edition of the Olympics is Montreal 1976. The event took place from July 17 to August 1.

Montreal 1976, the mission

The games were waived six years ago, during a cycle This is Held in Amsterdam. In addition to the city Quebec Moscow and Los Angeles submitted the candidacy: in the first vote the Soviet capital was ahead with the city of California in third place; In the second and decisive ballot, the votes of the latter went to Montreal.

boycott of African countries

In Montreal it happens that some countries boycott the demonstration in protest. The same will also happen in Moscow and Los Angeles, in subsequent editions. twenty seven African countries, in addition to Iraq and Guyana, protested against New Zealand and in particular the rugby team, which, according to some sources, toured apartheid South Africa despite the ongoing sports boycott, playing with other teams consisting exclusively of whites. Rugby is not an Olympic sport and so the IOC has preferred not to get involved. And so on opening day there was a boycott.

roman dragonfly

She was undoubtedly the queen of the Olympics Nadia ComaneciOnly 14 years old. The Romanian gymnast charmed the audience and the judges, who gave her grades in the stratosphere: seven times she got 10, perfect. Comaneci won 3 golds (individual overall competition, uneven parallels, beam), 1 silver (team competition), and 1 bronze (free body).

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Other heroes and medal tables

In excellent athletics, the Cuban result Alberto JuantorinaThe first to win gold in the 400m and 800m races. Finn Virén won again in the 5000 and 10,000 metres. eighteen years Cornelia Ender, East Germany, won four gold medals in swimming. Soviet Nikolai Andrianov wins four gold medals in gymnastics. Italian Klaus Biasi He wins the Olympic title in platform diving for the third time in a row.
At the overall level, the Soviet Union wins the table medal with 49 gold medals and 125 total medals. Behind him is an exceptional result East German, third place only for the United States.

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