Montpellier: New arrivals, new buildings, things moving in the lawyers' co-working space

Montpellier: New arrivals, new buildings, things moving in the lawyers’ co-working space

In 2020, The Cowork’A space is innovated by providing a co-working space for liberal lawyers. Recently moved near the courtroom. Adopted by novice lawyers or working from home, as well as a hairdressing association and salon!

In 2020, Elodie Manonviller in Montpellier innovated by creating a co-working space for lawyers near the courthouse. Supported by crowdfunding, the former notary presents the benefits of her project: breaking isolation, promoting knowledge sharing and reducing costs associated with traditional practice.

Two years later, Cowork’A changed address and settled on the ground floor of a beautiful mansion, a few steps from the Judicial Court, Administrative Court and Court of Appeal. more than 140 m2

5 private offices, including one dedicated to appointments, a large open space (for lawyers and compatible professions), a podcast studio for lawyers wanting to develop their online presence in the form of videos, as well as an equipped venue for video conferencing and meetings.

“Joint work is a starting point” Cowrk’A’s resident attorneys have been renewed since 2020. “Only one of them is still there and continues to develop its activity, Says Elodie Manonviller.Others moved to their own places.This is how m And Lasmoles clouds. “This co-working space has allowed me to settle in peacefully as a lawyer, with calculated expenses. I loved the energy that came out of this project. Co-working is a stepping stone and I’m highly recommend today.”

Cowork’A now welcomes seven attorneys on a permanent basis.“Two were recently sworn in. We also have an Australian lawyer based in the area. Others are cooperating lawyers from Paris who came to settle in Montpellier during the health crisis.” Determines the founder of the place. Among them is Nicola, 33 years old.“Here, the atmosphere is less clogged, more modern. Thanks to the other people present, he put the lawyer to work”

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Explains the young lawyer who chose to return with his wife and son to his city of study.

“I knew the spirit of this place would suit me.” “I work for a company that specializes in real estate and urban planning, with a clientele of professionals. The face-to-face meetings are exceptional.” So Nicolas goes to Paris on schedule and calls his clients via video. A change directly related to the health crisis. “Before Covid, I had never had a video meeting in my life!” New profiles have joined the co-working space, such as Adriana Ivanova, a lawyer who is developing an app project to bring clients and lawyers into contact (Tadi), or Laura Fortier, Occitanie Director of the Inclusion Association by Digital Reconnect. “I’ve worked in other co-working spaces and I know Elodie. I knew the spirit of this place would suit me.”

Another occupant of the building, Chris Perla, a young hairstylist who set up his studio here.“I wanted to create a show without a window, a concept I’ve seen elsewhere. I work a lot by word of mouth and show appointments after 6pm.”

. An easy way to renew your haircut after work!

Cowork’A, 5 rue Enclos Tissié-Sarrus. Like. 06 31 74 68 15.

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