Montpellier: Espace Saint-Ravy begins his comeback with Lucie Martin-Granel

Montpellier: Espace Saint-Ravy begins his comeback with Lucie Martin-Granel

In its new artistic season, Espace Saint-Ravy opens its doors to artist Lucie Martin-Granel, September 4–26, 2021.

The artist put “state changes” at the center of his work. And they developed the practice of folding with geometrical design shapes, inhabited by light, emphasizing their sculptural proportions.

“Materials are the essence of the experience.” – Lucy Martin Granell

Paper gives me great freedom I am exploring some possibilities for this thin and flexible material.”, identifies the artist, a graduate of Fine Arts in Paris and passed the École Corvisart in Paris.

Even in a ruined fieldNature, even more powerful than human madness, will gradually regain its rights.”Lucy Martin Granell explains. “It will change and adapt to the new climate and changing atmosphere. The multicolored birds of the tropics will invade our cities.
Graphic hypotheses of strange colors and shapes provoke possible mutations of organisms. I like to think that current and future social and climatic catastrophes will be an electric shock to new forms of thought. Can we experience a new stage of civilization? As if humanity had touched an abyss it could not help but bounce back to a new sky and a new form of global consciousness. ” The exhibition will open on Friday 3 September from 6:30 pm.

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