Modern Warfare 3: Tips for dealing with daily challenge issues

Modern Warfare 3: Tips for dealing with daily challenge issues

Modern Warfare 3 has just been released and is already having issues with daily challenges. These challenges are supposed to be easy for players to complete, but some have noticed that their challenge progress is not showing.

MW3 officially launched on November 10 and has seen hundreds of thousands of players join the servers. With these players come challenges to complete in the form of weekly and daily challenges.

While the weekly challenges are the same for all players, not everyone will have the same daily challenges to complete. Some can be as simple as taking damage with grenades or getting killed while lying down.

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For those who have problems with the challenges, here is the explanation and possible solution.

Is there a way to fix daily challenges in MW3?

The main problem behind the daily challenges is server issues, which vary depending on the player. No region or server will experience outages with daily challenges. So, if you are one of the unlucky few who encounter this problem, there is not much you can do.

A possible solution to daily challenges not progressing is to restart the game. This gives the game a chance to restart and reconnect, which may restore challenge progress.

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MW3 developer Sledgehammer Games has not yet addressed the issues with challenges not progressing. This means that for those who can’t complete their daily challenges, their best chance is to try again tomorrow.

There you go, you now know how to correct the daily challenges you face. We also have a lot of tips and tricks available to help you, so be sure to check out our guide content.

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