Moana Pacifica, a windfall for New Zealand?

Moana Pacifica, a windfall for New Zealand?

With Fijian Drua, Moana Pasifika can join a new Super Rugby formula from 2022 with New Zealand and Australian franchises. While the Fiji Drui team will be based in Fiji, Moana Pacifica, made up mainly of Tonga and Samoa players, will be playing in New Zealand due to the transportation costs.

Several Tonga-born players have come to represent the New Zealand national team in recent years. Former Wallabies player (60 caps between 1997 and 2003), current Tonga Totai Kivu coach, said the organizers must ensure that talent developed in Moana Pasifika does not follow the same path.

Players are “reserved” for Pacific Area selections

“We have seen a lot of young Tongan players over the years who have played for New ZealandStuff, explained to the New Zealand media. He had Malachi Vikitua (24 choose)Shannon Frizzell (13 choose)Faya Vivita (11 choose)… we want to prevent this scenario from happening again. We really will be careful. “

Senyo also made it clear that Moana Pacifica would play home matches in Apia, the capital of Samoa, but would be based primarily in Oakland, home of the Blues in Super Rugby.

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