Minneapolis mourns a new police victim

Minneapolis mourns a new police victim

Downright parents Katie and Aubrey Wright at her funeral in Minneapolis on April 22, 2021.- Julio Cortez / AP / SIPA

Fatally, the pictures are remembered George Floyd’s farewell party. Same city Minneapolis. The same Reverend Al Sharpton and the same local elected officials. On top of all that are the same tears and anger of families facing the lives killed by US police officers. “Let grief end in this city,” a man pleaded on the stage at the Shilo Temple in Minneapolis, before the Minneapolis funeral began. Don Wright, killed a young African American April 11th by a white policewoman During a normal roadside check.

From the outside, the building may look modest at first glance. But behind its gray brick walls is an amphitheater with several hundred seats, all full and all facing a large platform. It is there, in this city’s shopping district in the north of the United States, that Don Wright’s funeral is taking place on Thursday. The ceremony takes place just two days after the verdict was handed down in the trial of Derek Chauvin, the white police officer convicted of murdering George Floyd in the same city last year.

“Raise your voice when injustice.”

In the crowded room, Daunte Wright’s white coffin sits in front of the podium, upon which a huge bouquet of red roses rests. Photos and videos of the deceased from different ages of his life are shown on both sides of the platform. A gospel choir sings to shake the foundations of the church, before the trumpeter raises the entire audience, thanks to a single moving song lasting several minutes. He applauded everywhere.

Civil rights man Reverend Al Sharpton gave the funeral sermon, as he did with George Floyd, whose family is in the room. “We have to raise our voices when there is injustice,” Al Sharpton shouted during his speech. It is the pastor’s organization, the National Action Network, that has paid for all of the costs associated with the funeral.

“Justice is for Downright,” attorney Ben Cromb declared upon arriving at the office, who, in addition to the Don Wright family, represents the George Floyd family and other victims of police violence. The whole session was resumed at the invitation of the attorney, “A Life Don’t Wright Matter.”

“Damn it, I shot him.”

The death of Don Wright, during the trial of Derek Chauvin at the same time, led to several nights of protests at the Brooklyn Center, as the tragedy took place.

Hundreds of people gathered in front of the police station in this city, about ten kilometers from Minneapolis, and several hundred people had cried out in their anger for seven straight nights.

Daunte Wright is shot while trying to get back behind the wheel to escape. According to the authorities, the policewoman confused her service weapon with an electric stun gun. In the footage, after shouting, “Taser, Taser, Taser,” Kim Potter shouted, “Damn, I shot him.” Accused of manslaughter He was released on payment of a $ 100,000 bond.

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