Mini in May: Carlos Manera wins the 2023 edition

Mini in May: Carlos Manera wins the 2023 edition

his 9H Edition, Minnie in May will have her share of adventures of all kinds. After the start on May 9 and the first day in difficult conditions, the race, organized by the Société Nautique de La Trinit-sur-Mer (SNT), resumed its course along the Atlantic coast. After two days of racing, 23 hours 26 minutes, Julien Letissiere (#1069 Fruits Branchet) crossed the line first, but after a penalty gave way to Carlos Manera (#1081 Xucla) who was thus the winner in the Mini in May 2023.

There were 100 of them initially in Quiberon Bay, but the weather decided to get involved and made life difficult for these sailors. 35 knots of steady winds and heavy seas forced nearly half of the fleet to abandon in the first twenty-four hours. A few harmless sores and disasters but above all a lot of weariness. Having braved the ocean in what could appear as the most impressive, the ministers returned to port and were not ashamed of their decision: they had to sit firm on their hearts to persevere.

In this Game
-l, Brutus Carlos Manera (#1081 Xucla), Julien Letissiere (#1069 Fruits Branch) and Jacques Delcroix (actually #753) have clearly pulled their pin Game
And he had a great race. The fight was hard until the end, Julian crossed the goal line with 36 minutes on Carlos. Unfortunately, the Frrots Branchet leader entered a restricted area at the start of the race and was awarded a 45-minute penalty. He therefore finished second in the Mini in May, behind Carlos Manera and ahead of Jacques Delcroix.

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On the series side, the winner is Hugues de Premare (#1033 Technip Energies – International Coatings) who hits a double, after winning in 2022. He is ahead of Thomas Andr in a Pogo 3 #929 Diwan who has held up well against Maxis, including Yal Poupon (#1051 Bihannic Allentis) who finished third.

Note the great performance of Djemila Tassin (#992 Antistene) who never left the leading group.

highlight this 9H Release: the perseverance and seafaring spirit of Quentin Debois (#879 Les Poupoules) who, after turning around on his way to support the Agla Ribon (#626 Bindo), climbed to the helm of his boat in appalling conditions, repaired his stay and set off again on the mini course in May . It may be about the back of the fleet, but with the Mini’s spirit firmly in place!

The miniature spirit was also expressed during the first night when more than thirty boats returned to La Trinit-sur-Mer and Lorient
News from the port of Lorient and its region.
. The race management being so busy with the various events at sea, the runners took charge and rallied as they returned to welcome the following events. Whether or not they complete the course, 100 Minists will undoubtedly emerge from this human and mathematical experience.

About thirty minis are still in the running and expected until Sunday at La Trinit-sur-Mer.

Carlos Manera, winner of the mini in May 2023: “In short, it was difficult!! But I am very happy, it is an excellent training for the boat and for me, to be ready for the mini transat. It was the first time I sailed with my boat in these conditions. I put it in the water Its December and this is my third race in it. I am very satisfied with it, and I can see that it works well and that it is reliable. To break anything though maneuvers in a lot of wind. I actually raced a Mini in May 2021 in the series, and it is really cool in Proto!!The first part of the race was great.There was a big fight between us.Knitted a lot to the level of the breast.I loved the big wind leg where I found myself alone.Mini transat conditions.What a three years since I fully devoted myself to my project and I am looking for Raa, it is difficult to implement such a project without support. I would also like to thank my family and especially my sister who built the boat with her and who is sailing with me.”

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