Milo.  MJC presents contemporary dance in public space

Milo. MJC presents contemporary dance in public space

“In Situ Stage” will take place on Saturday, January 27 from 2pm to 5pm, with Eponyme Dance Company choreographer Karen Faisette. It is open to amateur teenagers and adults (over 16 years of age) of all levels, who want to discover contemporary dance in public spaces.

The busy street, park, laundromat and square will be extraordinary places for dancing. These places are chosen for the uniqueness of their areas and sizes. For its architecture and special atmosphere. with the participants, Karen Faisette He wants to highlight places that passersby usually pass by.

Sessions begin with a warm-up by working to develop central support, the body's engagement with space, and the body's concepts of rhythm, directions, and weight. Karen will present choreographic proposals based on gestures drawn from everyday life to move from the ordinary to the incongruous; From simplicity to a shared gesture among passersby and amateurs to transform ordinary daily life into a dance movement.

Dance and architecture

Emphasis will be placed on the architecture of space that affects bodies' expression and perception.

Transforming everyday movement into a dance gesture: the choreographer tries to develop the issue of the gaze among amateurs; Let us train him to see bodies and movements as we have no doubt that they represent dance.

By choosing to work on the physical aspect, Karen Facet implements writing based on listening, interaction, and attention to the environment by creating a pre-organized framework to facilitate entry into the movement of street dance.

This dance experience will try to leave traces in places where the earth shares the movement of dance and the movement of the city.

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The course is maintained under good weather conditions. Registration before Tuesday 23 January at the MJC/CREA Reception – 10 Rue Saadi Karnot in Milo – / –

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