Migrants' flight to Rwanda canceled, process 'still in progress'

Migrants’ flight to Rwanda canceled, process ‘still in progress’

While London was due to carry out its first deportations of illegal immigrants to Rwanda on Tuesday, the flight was finally canceled after last-minute pleas. Rwanda remains “committed” to this partnership on Wednesday 15 June.

The Rwandan government said on Wednesday 15 June that it was “not discouraged” by canceling a flight that was supposed to deport migrants from the UK to Rwanda the day before due to legal challenges, and that it remained “committed” to the partnership.

ongoing process

But the plane that was due to take migrants from the UK to Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, on Tuesday evening, a British government project to prevent illegal immigration, did not take off on Tuesday evening after last-minute pleas.

“Do not be discouraged by these developments,” he explained. Government SpokespersonYoland McCullough, explained that Rwanda is “ready to welcome migrants on their arrival and give them security and opportunity in our country”.

For her, “the present situation, in which people undertake dangerous journeys, cannot continue any longer, because it causes untold suffering to many.” It remains to be seen if the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) decides to change this controversial project.

‘No one goes to Rwanda’

“Last ticket canceled. Nobody is going to Rwanda,” the refugee support association Care4Calais tweeted on Tuesday evening. Government sources confirmed to the British News Agency (PA) that the flight was canceled due to last-minute interventions by the European Court of Human Rights.

Ago Britain’s exit from the European UnionBoris Johnson’s government had promised the population to control the massive influx of immigrants into the national territory, which it is finding very difficult to do.

So he is trying with this controversial measure to discourage a little more from crossing the Channel by migrants wishing to reach the UK. Boris Johnson has made combating immigration his number one priority since the final adoption of Brexit on February 1, 2020.

However, immigration has continued to increase in recent years, Until reaching a new record in 2021with 28,000 migrants crossed this crossing.

This deportation policy is starkly similar to the agreement signed between Australia and Papua New Guinea, which stipulated that Australia would send asylum seekers to a concentration camp in Manus Island.

In the United Kingdom, the bill was approved by British courts despite multiple last-minute appeals by notably associations opposing the expulsion of these immigrants.

The first flight that was scheduled to take off this evening was amputated by the vast majority of initially planned passengers, due to numerous individual appeals lodged in British courts. In fact, from 31, the number of passengers was reduced to only 7 people, according to the Care4Calais association, which also determined the nationality of the initially planned passengers who, according to it, were Iranians, Iraqis, Albanians, as well as Syrians.

“There will be people on these flights, and if they are not on these flights they will be on the next,” Secretary of State Liz Truss told Sky News. They trade in distress.”

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