Migrants flee from a commercial airliner after a fake emergency landing

Migrants flee from a commercial airliner after a fake emergency landing

On Wednesday, Spanish police were looking for 12 immigrantsPassengers of a commercial flight flee after an emergency landing at an airport Barcelona authorities said in the wake of a supposed medical emergency. The plane had to request at 4:30 am to land urgently because a woman on board was about to give birth and “this passenger allegedly lost her water”, explained a source from the province of Catalonia.

The source indicated that when the plane landed, an ambulance and three police patrols attended to evacuate the pregnant woman, but a group of 27 people “left the plane and tried to flee.” Five of them returned spontaneously to the plane, and 11 others, including the pregnant woman, were arrested.

The governorate did not specify their nationality. The source added that an examination at the hospital revealed that the pregnant woman “was not about to give birth, so she was arrested on charges of disturbing public order.” On Wednesday evening, the police were still searching for the 12 people who had managed to escape. This is the second such incident in Spain in just over a year.

On November 5, 2021, a plane between Casablanca and Istanbul We had to make an emergency landing on the Spanish island Mallorca, in the Balearic Islands, when a passenger, who appeared to be diabetic, felt unwell and appeared to be in a coma. During his evacuation from the plane, accompanied by a companion, 21 people escaped. When he reached the hospital, the doctors found him in good health, but his friend had escaped. Again, the police failed to catch all the fugitives, most of them Moroccans, and only 12 people were found.

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