Migrants caught on their way after an 11-day journey at the rudder of an oil tanker

Migrants caught on their way after an 11-day journey at the rudder of an oil tanker

The three individuals at the helm of the Maltese tanker, November 28, 2022 – SALVAMENTO MARÍTIMO

Ocean miracles. Several Spanish media also reported, on Tuesday, including EFE Press AgencyAt the end of the day, Monday, the Iberian Coast Guard intercepted three people who had traveled illegally for eleven days on board the Maltese tanker Alethyni 2 from Nigeria, which is currently anchored in the port of Las Palmas located in the Canary Islands. .

Without food and at the mercy of the ocean

As noted on Twitter, the Salvamento Maritimothe public institution responsible for maritime safety in Spanish waters, the three individuals were taken to hospital suffering from dehydration and mild hypothermia.

However, the place of ascent of the immigrants is not precisely defined. If the ship departs from the port of Lagos in Nigeria, the Secret lock He reveals that his last stop was in the Gambia, a country in West Africa less than 1,700 kilometers from the Canary Islands.

In all, it is estimated that the three men spent more than a week at the cramped helm of this boat, without food and at the mercy of the vagaries of the Atlantic. When ships are lightly loaded, the rudder remains above the waterline and allows several personnel to be seated there.

repeated attempts

However, according to Cadena Ser, the way to reach the European continent is not uncommon, although many stowaways die during this crossing.

On social networks, Txima Santana, immigration advisor for the Canary Islands government, believes that this attempt “will not be the last” and that it “will happen again”.

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According to the EFE, other migrants in similar circumstances have been intercepted in the port of Las Palmas in the past. In 2020, three of them were found at the helm of a St. Vincent and the Grenadines tanker, and a month later three more were found on board a Norwegian tanker. Both ships had left Lagos port.

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