Microsoft unveils computers with built-in generative artificial intelligence

Microsoft unveils computers with built-in generative artificial intelligence

After its partner OpenAI and competitor Google last week, Microsoft is holding its developer conference this week, which focuses on its latest innovations in the field of artificial intelligence. “We are introducing an entirely new class of Windows computers designed to unleash the full power of distributed artificial intelligence,” Satya Nadella said during a conference at the company's headquarters in Redmond in front of an audience of journalists, analysts and influencers. “We're calling this new category Copilot Plus PC+,” he added to applause, referring to the Windows AI interface, Copilot. “We have completely reimagined the personal computer from the inside,” emphasized Youssef Mahdi, Vice President of the American group.

“The smartest ever”

The integration of artificial intelligence into its PC range would make it possible, in particular, to revive media sales (laptops and tablets), which fell last year (-9% over one year). Microsoft claims the new PCs are the “fastest and smartest Windows PCs ever.” “If we want to make a comparison, it is 58% faster than the most advanced MacBook Air,” Youssef Mahdi said.

The vice president outlined some of the new “productivity, creativity and communication superpowers” ​​of AI-powered computers, such as quick photo editing, without having to open software, or the ability of a co-pilot to find the good document to send to an interviewer. The new devices will also have a “recall” function, so you can easily find “everything you saw or did on your computer,” product manager Carolina Hernandez said.

OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, launched its Generative AI revolution at the end of 2022, which makes it possible to produce content based on a simple request in everyday language, thus interacting with machines like never before. Microsoft, a major investor in OpenAI, and its rival Google, are engaged in a race to deploy the most advanced and intuitive generative AI tools. This feverish expansion is worrying the authorities, who are struggling to regulate the already very powerful companies. Apple, Microsoft's main competitor in computers and operating systems, has remained tight-lipped about generative AI so far. But it is expected to introduce its own innovations in June, having already launched new tablets this month with improved capabilities to handle AI tasks.

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Boost subscriptions

For Microsoft, “the primary goal is to deploy more Copilot and AI functionality which will lead to more sign-ups for its subscription plans and greater use (of these new tools) by its user base across new Surface laptops as well as Windows updates.” Wedbush analyst Dan Ives.

This announcement comes after Google's announcement last week. The number of the global publicity number exposes the vision of the assistants to all the most knowledgeable people, please read the touch screen of consumers on all of our services, respond to messages in the repast and vacation plan, or access the appointments. Sports. On the search engine, users will now get AI-written answers, on top of the usual website links (only in the US, at first).

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