Microsoft says it is selling its panels “at a loss”

Microsoft says it is selling its panels “at a loss”

Xbox console. – Pixabay / Olichel

A lawsuit between two giants, Epic Games and Apple, is currently being filed in California (United State). If the referee could revolutionize the platform system Online sale, online saleAt the moment, it is the discoveries obtained during the hearing that interest us. The most recent ones relate to B. X-Box, A pre-manufactured gaming console Microsoft, Report Fonandroid.

Multinational gaming vice president, Lori Wright, revealed in court that the company is not making any money selling this console. She said, “We sell consoles at a loss.” Exercise is, in fact, commonplace.

Compensation for losses

The companies that sell this type of product start to profit from selling the games. The revenue related to the console comes later, as the components become less expensive. However, the exact amount Microsoft lost during the sale of each console was not revealed.

These losses are compensated for through user subscriptions. Those, who number over 20 million, pay at least 10 euros a month to access GamePass, which is a catalog of games.

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