Microsoft has done its own internal review and it's very positive -

Microsoft has done its own internal review and it’s very positive –

a reconsidering From Our last 2 from Microsoft It emerges from documents regarding the experience between Apple and Epic Games, and it represents a really special scene, bearing in mind that these are considerations usually kept secret within companies, but it is surprising how well the article in question is well organized and kept well. Very positive judgment Sony game.

Explanations of this nature are not rare within video game companies or the like: they are Analysis of competing products, Which in this case takes the form of a true video game review. The document that appeared online is part of the “Portfolio Team – Latest Featured Issues” section, which apparently includes reviews and analyzes of the most important products released to the market. You can see the document in question has been reported in ResetEra forum Especially the screen shot prof this is the address.

Although it is in effect a An internal document Developed as an in-depth study and study on competition production, Microsoft stuns for being actually a classic video game review, written in a somewhat neutral and very positive manner towards The Last of Us 2, despite it being a Sony game.

The Last of Us 2 also impressed Microsoft on the technical front, but less so in its gameplay

In particular, the passage in which we read: “The public display is Significantly forward Than any other team produces on consoles and computers “, which proves that Great consideration That Naughty Dog’s business is also done inside Microsoft. Even beyond the letters of praise and congratulations that sometimes arrive from Phil Spencer towards the competition, which are clearly “politically correct” maneuvers, there is clearly a real appreciation in Technical skills To compete within Xbox.

It should also be noted that the same positive judgment does not happen often with respect to Gameplay evaluationEspecially at the forefront of the potential decisions left to the player regarding the development of the story and above all the firearms play, which is considered somewhat negative, with mention of improvement in artificial intelligence and in the breadth of the game areas.

However, apart from the evaluation itself, it is also surprising the care that the task of reviewing the competing products seems to be carried out, based on the quality of the piece, despite being a kind of strategic study of the opponent.

Also from the trial documents, it also emerged that the STALKER 2 exclusive edition for Xbox appears to only last for 3 months, and that Microsoft intends to increase developers’ profits also on consoles by lowering discounts on digital sales.

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