Microphones on referees at the Club World Cup to comment on the video referee

Microphones on referees at the Club World Cup to comment on the video referee

Thomas Seneke, Media 365: Posted on Thursday, January 19, 2023 at 3:58 pm.

Referees will provide oral details of decisions taken using video, during the Club World Cup, which begins two weeks later in Morocco. What we already know about rugby or American football, for example.

Club World Cup, which is often not of interest to many – While waiting for the future composition that will be more ambitious than the summer of 2025, with 32 teams – will be worth a look after two weeks in Morocco (February 1-11). In fact, the judges will speak live for the first time to explain their decisions, to the attention of the audience on site as well as to all viewers. Thus, the first match in question will be the February 1 match for the first round, in which the Egyptian club Al-Ahly will face its New Zealand counterpart in Auckland. The winner will then face Seattle in the second round, then the winner of this new meeting will face Real Madrid in the semi-finals on February 8, before the final on February 11 in Rabat (see below).

Extension of audio recordings to protect referees

The test will be extended to all FIFA competitions throughout 2023. The decision was made at the annual conference of the IFAB (The International Football Association Board) in London, which is the governing body for the laws of the game, and also discussed other topics, such as the extension of audio recordings in order to protect referees. Verbal attacks from players and/or coaches.

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Moreover, the International Football Association Board (IFAB) decided to do so No temporary concussion replacements have yet been used, which has already been mentioned, with stress on the need to further enhance the concussion protocols that should be used to decide whether or not to replace a player permanently (such as in rugby). Positive conclusions were finally drawn from the semi-automatic offsides implemented during the World Cup.

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