Zoom sur Portal Go et Portal TV, ces nouvelles entrées qui veulent vous faciliter la vie… et la visioconférence. © Meta

Meta expands its Facebook reach and makes it more accessible

Meta thinks big with the Facebook Portal. Between 2020 and 2021, the digital giant launched new products including those that are of interest to us today: Portal Go and Portal TV. Zoom in on these new entries you want to make your life easier… and video conferencing.

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The Facebook Portal group launched in 2018, and has continued to expand with new devices like the Portal+ or Portal Mini. As a reminder, the Facebook Portal devices are equipped with a screen and are meant to offer the best video calling experience through duo messenger And The WhatsApp. All the products in the range have their own characteristics but they are the two newest ones that we will focus on today.

TV portal, video on the big screen

TV portal is a promise Smart TV It’s easy to access and facilitates your video conferencing while giving you access to all the content you need with just a few clicks. Like the rest of the Facebook Portal products, it doubles as a hub automation Thus, it allows you to take care of your connected home. No box or screen here: Portal TV looks like a webcam attached to the TV. While it obviously doesn’t have a touch screen, Portal TV does rely on it Alexa, tovoice assistant Dr’ Amazon And a small remote control to navigate the interface.

If you are worried about sacrificing flow By choosing Portal TV instead of Android box or File An apple TV, do not be afraid. NetflixPrime Video, France.tv, spotify Or Deezer is available and works as well on other platforms. to me video conferencePortal TV Camera will give you a comfortable calling experience from your couch on Messenger and WhatsApp.

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Portal Go, take your conversations around the house

Released in October 2021, Portal Go is the latest connected object for the Meta. This new iteration takes everything that made Facebook Portal so successful, but makes a few minor changes. In general, we findadn From the scope of the Facebook Portal: simple interface, access to Messenger and WhatsApp, automatic camera zoom. Meta brought a new dimension to it, which is portability. So there is a battery and a handle to take it anywhere in the house. By ditching the power cable, replaced by a charging station, Portal Go gains mobility to offer an unenviable nomadic calling experience. Tablets A classic, especially since the handle ensures the Portal Go doesn’t slip out of your hands when moving from room to room.

The Portal Go has a triangular shape that allows it to stay stable on all surfaces including the softest surfaces like the sofa or your knees. Its 10-inch screen accommodates the interface in . format ceiling tiles Which makes it very easy to use. In addition to video calls, you can enjoy content from Meta or listen to music and podcasts on Spotify. In this interface, you can also control the things connected to the house. If your kids or dishes take your hands, know that Portal Go is equipped with an Amazon voice assistant Alexa Who can answer all your requests.

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