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Men emit 16% more carbon dioxide than women

They eat more meat, drive more kilometers, fly more planes… Men are big consumers of goods that are not very virtuous in terms of greenhouse gases.

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It was already known that women are more susceptible than men climate change, « Largely because they represent the majority of the world’s poor and are more dependent on endangered natural resources “,” cylon color. The situation is getting even more unfair because these gentlemen are primarily responsible for this climate change, as evidenced by a new study published in Industrial Environment Magazine. Conducted in Sweden, it analyzed the consumption of 217 single products by men and single women and calculated emissions The greenhouse gases generated by this consumption. Result: For an approximately equivalent level of consumption (2% higher), men emit 16% of CO22 In addition to 10 tons per year compared to 8.5 tons for women.

« Consumption habits are too stereotypical, testify in Watchman Anika Carlson Kanyama, lead author of the study. Women buy more products from decorclothing and health services, while men spend more on petrol, eat more meat, and consume morealcohol and tobacco ».

Men spend 70% more on greenhouse gas-intensive goods

In all, men spend 70% more on GHG-intensive goods, according to the study. Thus, men’s spending on transportation and travel is much higher than that of women. In food, although a Increased meat consumption In men, the levels are quite equal because women buy a lot of dairy products which are also emitters of carbon dioxide.2 (Produces a liter of whole milk 1.63 kg of carbon dioxide equivalent2 Up in the air According to WWF).

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At 65 we pollute more

In 2011, previous study Has shown that the peak carbon dioxide emissions2 He was 65, just before retirement, with 14.9 tons of emissions per person, compared to less than 8 million tons for a 20-year-old. Retirees tend to travel less and buy less clothes, cars Or furniture, the authors noted. On the other hand, the heating emissions Electricity will increase, but without making up for the shortfall in other items. However, the situation may be different in France because the purchasing power of retirees is much higher than the purchasing power of workers. In 2014, a third of the nights were spent in France by people over 62 and those over 65 years old 65 The first buyers of new cars.

To save the planet, have fewer children!

But at the end of the day, it is still women who hold the keys to global warming. because The best way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions2Having fewer children. According to a 2017 study (still Swedish), having one baby saves between 23,700 and 117,700 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent.2 Annually, for 1000 to 5300 tons for life without a car or 300 to 1600 tons to become vegetarian.

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