Men caught smuggling Kentucky Fried Chicken and trunk full of cash in Oakland

Men caught smuggling Kentucky Fried Chicken and trunk full of cash in Oakland

Adding another item to the list of strange incidents caused by the epidemic, directly or indirectly, is the Oakland incident in which two men were caught with a huge amount of money and a huge amount of fried chicken from Kentucky Fried Chicken. Auckland is currently subject to the strictest lockdown restrictions – Level 4 – with all but most businesses closed. In such an environment, the two men, aged 30 and 23, attempted to cross the Auckland border, covering a nearly 120-kilometre journey from Hamilton. The police seized the suspicious car that was traveling on secondary roads. At first, the car tried to turn around and evade law enforcement, but was eventually stopped. Upon inspection, the police discovered that the men were carrying 100,000 New Zealand dollars, which is roughly equivalent to 52,000 Indian rupees.

Additionally, when officials opened the trunk, they were surprised to see what looked like a giant KFC order, or as the report stated, “a trunk full of KFC.” The order included several buckets of chicken, cups of coleslaw, several boxes of fries, burgers, and sauces.

“Officers noticed a suspicious-looking vehicle traveling on a gravel road and, upon seeing the police car, hurried to try to escape from the police. The car eventually stopped and the police found cash, empty ounce bags and a large amount of exit requests. The two men were summoned to Court for violating public health rules, other charges will also be added.

It is not yet clear if the men intend to sell KFC orders or plan to use the mega order to distract other malicious elements.

Fines for violating COVID-19 standards or lockdown restrictions can be up to NZ$4,000 or Rs 21,000, according to a BBC report.

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