Members of ISIS have been “neutralised” after two prison guards were taken hostage

Members of ISIS have been “neutralised” after two prison guards were taken hostage

The prison administration clarifies that the agents were not harmed during the special operation.


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Two prison officers are taken hostage by members of the Islamic State jihadist group at a detention center in Rostov Region (Russia), June 16, 2024. (GOOGLE MAPS)

A number were members of ISIS “neutralize” In a Russian prison, according to authorities, after two prison officers were taken hostage, Sunday, June 16. “The employees who were taken hostage have been released and unharmed.”The prison services were identified in a press release published after a special operation. The prison administration announced, a few hours ago, that the defendants are being held by guards in Detention Center No. 1 in the Rostov region, located at the entrance to the Russian Caucasus.

Among the hostage takers were members of the jihadist organization facing trial on “terrorism” charges. According to TASS, citing a source within law enforcement. They were holed up in the courtyard of the detention center, armed with a pocket knife, a club, and an axe, according to the same source. The attackers numbered six According to InterfaxThey demanded that they be provided with a car and allowed to leave the detention center in exchange for the release of the hostages.

This hostage-taking came nearly three months after the attack claimed by ISIS against Krokos City Hall, a concert hall near Moscow, in which gunmen killed at least 144 people, the worst attack in nearly two decades. General. More than 20 people were subsequently arrested, including the four alleged attackers, all from Tajikistan, a former Soviet republic in Central Asia neighboring Afghanistan.

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Russia has repeatedly been subjected to attacks claimed by ISIS, although ISIS' influence in the country is still limited. According to Russian media, the attackers at the Rostov detention center could be men arrested in 2022 and accused of wanting to carry out an attack against the Supreme Court in Karachay-Cherkessia, a Russian republic in the Caucasus with a Muslim majority.

Official figures indicate that approximately 4,500 Russians fought alongside ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

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