Melania Trump: New Twitter Account!  What is the planning of the former first lady?  - Politics

Melania Trump: New Twitter Account! What is the planning of the former first lady? – Politics

Twitter surprise Friday evening!

The office of former first lady Melania Trump (50) has created a new account. Unlike her husband, former President Donald Trump (74 years old), Melania is still allowed to be active on the social network.

She also has a personal account that has been around for more than ten years.

But what is the new profile all about?

Most recently, Melania Trump was accused of only staying at the spa! It is located at her husband’s favorite golf resort, Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach (Florida), right by the sea.

“You go to the spa, have lunch, go back to the resort and have dinner with Donald on the balcony. Rinse and repeat. An anonymous source said this week on CNN TV every day.”

Melania clearly doesn’t want to let this go and the communications attack continues. At least a little. The first tweet is still relatively weak:

Mrs. Melania Trump announces the opening of Melania Trump’s office … Please follow this account for news and updates. “

The former first lady uses the “Great Seal of the United States”, the official seal and emblem of the United States, in her professional image.

“Bittersweet” by Donald Trump

In the evening, it is currently said that Melania occasionally has dinner with her parents Victor (76) and Amalia (75), who also spend a large part of the year in Mar-Lago. Favorite family food: fish.

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After Melania Trump left Washington, one of the worst first-lady approval ratings, she was said to be “bitter and cold” toward her husband, CNN quoted sources from Donald Trump’s environment. It is said that she blames him for the fact that his campaign against the election results damaged her public image.

One thing is for sure: Melania’s last public appearance was on January 20, the day Joe Biden was inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States. There were no more common appearances with Donald Trump after that. The ex-president came to the “Super Bowl Party” without his wife.

Is Melania’s new Twitter account the first step towards a new life? She is expected to focus mainly on her Be Better campaign initially, devoted to child health and combating bullying on social media.

Speaking of it: Under the first Twitter post from her office, the former first lady was attacked and humiliated by her husband’s political opponents – and in some cases she was grossly misogynistic.

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