Mega Drive Mini 2 announced on October 27 in Japan - News

Mega Drive Mini 2 announced on October 27 in Japan – News

As its name suggests, Mega Drive Mini 2 will take the helm the design Already more compact than the second model that has been marketed almost everywhere in the world since 1993. In this case, the prototype rejected the peculiarities of the Japanese version, with the red cartridge port and large power switch, completely different from the European variant, and equipped with a six-button controller . In order to incorporate Mega CD games into the selection, SEGA decided to allocate sixteen times more storage, even if the principle remained the same: to provide access, legally, to many older games from the publisher and its partners.

Like the first Mega Drive Mini, it will be necessary to draw on a variety of titles, including at least three “mystery” games, referring to projects abandoned along the way that remained in the legend of the device, or unexpected modifications. This is especially the case fantasy areaa port designed for the occasion not to be confused with the already released Super Fantasy Zone, moreover included in the catalog of the first Mega Drive Mini.

But while waiting to find out who will have the upper hand like Tetris or Darius, we will get a few titles out of the 50 titles in the program. Today’s selection included 10 games, including Silpheed, Sonic CD or Shining Force CD for the Mega CD, not forgetting Mega Drive Virtua Racing, Shining in the Darkness, or even the cherry on the cake, Thunder Force IV and Magical Taluluto-Con , one of Game Freak’s first projects – long before that Pokemon.

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At the moment, we don’t know if the Mega Drive Mini 2 is planned to be marketed to the rest of the world, and how the list will differ from those planned in Japan if necessary. En revanche, les bons clients pourront compter sur un supplément Mega Drive Tower Mini 2 à 4.950 yens (35 €), avec une réplique du Mega CD 2, lui-même intégrant un mini CD de Sonic CD, et une fausse cartouche de Virtua Racing bonus. Owners of the first form will be able to add the wrong extension as at that time to compensate for the width. Yeah, it’s pointless, but we’re fans or we’re not. Additional 6-button controllers will be available at 2,750 yen each. The following dates were scheduled for June 24, then in July, finally broadcasting for August.

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