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Meet Simon Bianvino, New Zealand rugby player

The season launch event for men’s (NPC) and women’s (FPC) rugby took place over the last weekend of July and is an opportunity for the Petit Journal to meet Simon Bienvenu, rugby player and trainee at Auckland Rugby.

Simon, 25, is a rugby player who trained at Toulouse and is now based in Auckland after arriving in March 2020 in Northland, before the global pandemic. After several seasons of rugby around the world (Austin in MLR, Hong Kong and Rugby Seven), Simon came to try his luck in New Zealand and also took the opportunity to combine the world of rugby with an internship in Auckland. Rugby.

So you work in Auckland rugby, can you give us more details about the actions of the organization?

Auckland rugby It is an organization focused on rugby AucklandIt organizes various competitions for both professionals and amateurs. Actions take place in each of the schools with the administration of competitions for young high school students and the organization of a rugby club initially, which corresponds to amateur rugby, some of which will be selected for participation in a professional competition. The non-playable character, who launched the season on August 1, accompanied by some professionals who have contracts with clubs Super rugby.

Simon Bienvenu hiking in New Zealand

What is your role in this company?

After my undergraduate career, I am currently in the last year to do my masters in management withM GrenobleI needed to do an internship to verify my degree. So I enjoyed being there New Zealand To play rugby and also find an internship, I had the opportunity to join the environment that fascinates me to learn and get a little bit more involved in the world of rugby. Football.

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Since June 2021, I am a member of the Partnerships team and help everywhere, whether for sponsorship contracts, networking with clients, searching for new sponsors for competitions or even managing events, such as the team at the start of the season.

How did you get this job?

It arrived New Zealand To merge The non-playable character, the second section of rugby in New ZealandBecause it is a regional system. During a preparatory match with the team The non-playable character For which I was chosen, I had the misfortune of seriously injuring myself. I joined after this unfortunate incident AucklandTo take care of myself and find a more active life.

So I took the opportunity to apply to many rugby clubs and other companies to finish my degree. It offered me many opportunities, and the best for me was to dive more into the world of rugby. NZ With Auckland rugby.

How is the season here in Auckland? And in New Zealand?

Rugby takes place in two phases here at New ZealandInitially, amateur clubs participate in rugby clubIt is a competition held in different provinces. At the same time there is a season super rugby, first part of the country.

Second, the best players super rugby Move towards the elite, and all black and other national choices. The rest of the players are at the disposal of the second tier The non-playable character. These teams are completed by the players who were selected during rugby clubThe best in their position can join the team in their county on a 4-month professional contract.
My goal was to incorporate a province Northland, something successful but discontinued after injury, partially postponed.

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Welcome Simon
Rugby match in New Zealand

What is the impact of COVID on rugby in New Zealand (events, number of licensees, club status, etc)?

although New Zealand She was initially spared, and the first confinement shortened the season. Matches were able to take place in a shorter period of time. Clubs have been affected by fewer players available, especially at the level of expats, who have returned to their country of origin.

We are now entering a second lockdown, which could cause more damage than the first as it starts after the season has just started. In the future I will tell.

How did you benefit from New Zealand after your injury?

The New Zealand It is a beautiful country visited. So I took the opportunity to take a walk South Island for a few weeks. and benefited more than North Island With my weekends to roam free. I love hiking and this country offers so many possibilities that I was able to enjoy visiting it. It also gives me great pleasure to be able to combine my passion for rugby and travel.

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