McDonald's: New Zealander eats cockroach burger

McDonald's: New Zealander eats cockroach burger

Fast food giant McDonald's is facing charges in New Zealand from a customer who says she found a cockroach in her hamburger.

Anna Sophia Stevenson told Fairfax New Zealand Media Group that she bought the piece on Saturday evening, and noticed the insect when she returned to her home on the South Island, one of the two main islands in New Zealand.

“His insides were coming out.”says the 26-year-old makeup artist. “I was trying to cut it with my teeth. I chewed on it for a while, so I thought it was a piece of fat.”.

The young woman did not complain to the Blenheim restaurant, but she posted a message on Facebook saying she felt that way 'Sick, shocked and disgusted'. “The only thing worse than finding a cockroach is finding half a cockroach.”.

McDonald's explained that its franchisee contacted the customer as soon as he learned of her messages on social media.

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The franchisee has obtained “Hamburger and the UFO” The company adds for analysis purposes. But the young woman asked for the sandwich to be returned to her on Monday, which will happen “Severely limits our ability to continue investigating this matter.”.

McDonald's added that municipal cleaning services visited the restaurant on Monday without finding any trace of cockroaches. “It is important to note that this product was ordered while driving, transported by car and consumed at the customer's home.”The company added in a press release.

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