Matthew Clarkin (Biaritz) deplores the “betrayal” of some players worried about their future

Matthew Clarkin (Biaritz) deplores the “betrayal” of some players worried about their future

Biarritz Olympic director, Matthew Clarkin, criticized in the “Sud West” newspaper, his team’s players who expressed concern for their future, while the Basque club has to change ownership with the departure of Louis-Vincent Jaffe and president Jean-Baptiste Aldige. .

this friday, Newspaper Southwest published an article Back to the tumultuous news within FC Biarritz. Alors that the president Jean-Baptiste Aldigé a déjà indiqué au groupe de joueurs qu’il comptait partir à l’intersaison, so far as the proprietaire Louis-Vincent Gave, more members of the equipe ont dernièrement manifested his inquiétude quantum to leur avenir à short term.

New Zealand Biarritz Olympic coach Matthew Clarkin didn’t mince words about the latter during the pre-match press conference against Nevers on Friday night (9:10 p.m.), speaking of “a big disappointment”. “It’s hard to escape feeling betrayedIt is to explain. Apart from our duty as an employee of a company, in a club, we also have a law of life in a group. Yes, they are free spirits and it is never good to see some unknown elemental speaking, thus not willing to put up with her words. »

Clarkin continued his remarks in a dry tone, targeting in particular the players who testified anonymously in the game. Article published Southwest Tuesday. Finally, they spoke up to say somethinghe added. I have hired professional rugby players and I think most of them know how to understand things. […] Case closed. » Lucas Peyresblanques, the former BO hooker currently at Stade Français, reacted to the sarcasm on social media with a ‘laughing’ emoji.

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Ahead of Matthew Clarkin’s press conference, Matteo Giudicelli, general manager of Proval (the players’ union), reacted to the precarious situation the BO players were in: Players and their families are suffering, they have no vision of their future. These conditions are intolerable. This must stop and employees must fixate on the future of their jobs. »

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