Matteo Raynal: “It’s over for me”

Matteo Raynal: “It’s over for me”

French international referee Mathieu Raynal came under fire for his controversial decision during the Four Nations match between Australia and the All Blacks in mid-September.

The latter blew the whistle for the New Zealanders in the last minute of play after Australian half-fly Bernard Foley took too long to kick a penalty.

After this scrum, the Lions scored a winning bid at the end of the match.

In response to a question from the foreign press, the French judge explained that he had turned the page on this case.

He only thinks about the future now and does not regret his decision. Extract:

“He’s already behind me. I explained my decision on the field, match day, it was discussed a lot, it was dissected, it was analyzed… A lot of people gave their opinions on it. For me, it’s over. I’m really focused on the next match and that’s all that matters. … I can understand the frustration of the Australians. I don’t have the only truth. Arbitration is making decisions that seem fairer. That’s what I did.

When I engage in a debate with a player, he must listen to me. I think I was very clear with him, what I expected from him. After that, I had no other choice. »

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