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Martinique University Hospital abandons imposing health permits on its employees

The anti-“Health Card” in Martinique finally won the confrontation with the management of the hospital center. In an internal memo released today obtained by La Tribune, CHU’s general manager, Benjamin Garrel, agreed that “all hospital staff will be able to enter their service regardless of their health card status.” However, agents who do not have a health clearance are “invited to take a screening test.” at their expense? The note does not say that. The memo adds: “Controls will be regulated and clients who may be interested will be invited to go to the Human Resources Department.”

Looking for a negotiated solution

In addition, the memorandum concludes, “a mediation process should be initiated to allow for a negotiated solution.”

Since the establishment of the health permit, mandatory since October 11 for visitors and staff, staff have regularly voiced their opposition in front of the entrance to the CHU, a movement widely supported by hospital unions. Since October 14, trade unions have been briefly commissioned by the management of CHU Obstructing the creation of a legal obligation And “Causing serious harm to the health and safety of employees and users”.

“We witnessed in the minutes’ reports, threats, intimidation, insults, and pressures of all kinds that prevent the continuation of the public health service and ensure security,” he said. Lawyer Pascal Berti told AFP.

Three times higher index rate

Finally, the pressure will be too strong for the CHU to administer. The Ministry of Health has not yet responded. In the meantime, while the containment measures are relaxed, a health permit will be mandatory for employees of institutions open to the public except … So for Martinique University Hospital!

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“The situation in Martinique has improved, but it is still worrying because we still have dozens of positive cases of the Covid-19 virus every day,” Martinique Governor Stanislas Cazels told AFP. The infection rate was 155 per 100,000 residents on Friday, which is three times that observed in France.