Martin Moss, the wife of the assassinated president, is back home

Martin Moss, the wife of the assassinated president, is back home

Martine Moïse will be present at Funeral Who is her husband. The government said the wife of the slain Haitian president returned to Port-au-Prince on Saturday. She was injured in the night attack that killed President Juvenal Moyes on July 7, and was taken to a hospital in Miami,

“The First Lady (…) just arrived وصلت Haiti As part of preparations for her husband’s “national funeral, scheduled for July 23, the Secretary of State for Communications, Franz Xantos, tweeted. On arrival on a private plane, she was greeted by Acting Prime Minister Claude Joseph. Martin Moss, 47, had his arm laid. The right-hand man with a suspender, and a waistcoat over his black clothes, under the protection of security men.

A country in chaos

The circumstances of the tragedy are still mysterious, ten days after the assassination of her husband, which has exacerbated the state of chaos in this very poor country. AntillesWhere armed gangs prevail. Haitian police arrested about twenty people, including several former Colombian soldiers accused of belonging to the special forces that came to kill Jovenel Moise.

Doubts were raised about the apparent ease with which the attackers were able to kill him, four officials from his security team were imprisoned, and precautionary measures were issued to 24 officers. The Director-General of the Haitian National Police, Leon Charles, confirmed Friday that he is working with international investigators, particularly agents of the US Federal Police force, to identify the instigators of the assassination.

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