Mars: Extraordinary photos of the solar eclipse from the red planet

Mars: Extraordinary photos of the solar eclipse from the red planet

The Perseverance robot captured an extraordinary sequence in which NASA took part.

Have you ever wondered what a file is eclipse point of view from Mars ? Probably not… Anyway, the scenery is amazing. Confirmation that we can now thank NASAWhich took exceptional photos on April 2. All thanks to his robot perseverance which intersects with the red planet and who was able to shoot a movie solar eclipse.

Diameter 11.5 km

In these photos, the robot took with its camera masticam zwe can see Little Moon Phobos (shaped like a potato), the larger of the two Satellites from Marspass in front of Sun. Exceptional quality chain, to the point that it seems wrong. However, all this is very real. For information, Phobos is 157 times smaller than our moon, or 11.5 kilometers in diameter. Volume prevents it from covering Sun.

as explained NASAAnd spirit And opportunity The space agency’s first all-terrain vehicles to take advantage of the event were in 2004. But at the time, the robots were only able to collect images. Only in 2019 did the rover become curiousity He became the first to record a video of the event.

really amazing. I zoomed in with my Mastcam-Z on the Phobos Solar Eclipse. This detailed video can help the scientists on my team better understand the orbit of the Martian moon and how its gravity affects the interior of Mars, including its crust and mantle.

—NASA’s insistence on Mars exploration (@NASAPersevere) April 20 2022

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