Mark Zuckerberg impresses with physical training by Israel Adesanya

MMA: Mark Zuckerberg impresses with a physical training by Israel Adesanya

Mark Zuckerberg shines more and more in his willingness to fight in the cage! The Facebook founder isn’t laughing and isn’t likely to shudder in front of Elon Musk with this new physique he’s shown off since beginning his MMA training.

Mark Zuckerberg’s majestic muscles make people react

Like Booba and Kaaris, a few years ago, Elon Musk challenged rival Mark Zuckerberg to the Octagon. He took this provocation very seriously. They spoke with UFC President Dana White to set up this historic event. While waiting for this highly unlikely possibility to be confirmed face to face in the ring, the head of the social network Facebook is not idle and polishing his body.

After winning his first jiu-jitsu competition, the billionaire is in better shape than ever and showed himself during a well-supported training session. He has already brought together Israel Adesanya and Aleksandr Volkanovsky for a martial arts session. The New Zealand naturalized mixed martial arts fighter immortalized the meeting by posting photos on his social networks, in which Mark Zuckerberg looks sharper than ever. His physical transformation surprised netizens.

“Elon risks blurry vision.”And Elon has a job if he wants to beat Mark. Zuckerberg prepares to beat MuskAnd “Elon risks blurry vision.”And “Wtf Zuckerberg is unrecognizable”And “Unbelievable, Musk has something to shiver.”And Why is Zuckerberg always in pictures with others? Can we read in the comments of netizens saluting the work of Mark Zuckerberg for his success in obtaining such a status over the past few months. Elon Musk is warned that, in the event of a fight in the octagon, his rival prepares as much as possible for the duel.

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