Marion Montaigne: In Pursuit of Lost Worlds [PODCAST]

Marion Montaigne: In Pursuit of Lost Worlds [PODCAST]

In fifteen years, Marion Montaigne It became a reference for scientific and humorous popularization in France. Starting with the launch of his blog in 2008 entitled “You’ll Die Less Stupid (But You’ll Still Die).” Through her alter ego Professor Mustache, she asked and answered more or less existential questions, always with relevance, perspective and humor.

Blog published in albums first by Editions Ankama from 2011->art12336]before being acquired by Editions Delcourt as of 2014. Then everything was turned into short films about Arte from 2016 for two seasons, with a third in preparation. A popular success that even appeared at the Angoulême Festival, where she received the Audience Award in 2013 for the second volume of her series, in addition to a second award in 2018 for her work. In Combi by Thomas Pesquet. She also became president of the jury of this same festival in 2020!->art25190]

For the 2023 literary season, Marion Montaigne changes her record a bit. Of course, it’s always about mixing science and society to better understand the world around us without taking any hassle. But this time, the designer put Professor Mustache aside to put herself on the scene. Thus, she explains her educational path, details some of her family adventures and how she shaped the career that is now hers.

Where is the connection between his journey and the disappearance of the dinosaurs that sit proudly on the cover of this new issue? Quite simply, it is a step back that we must take from the facts on which we base our way of thinking.

Thus, Marion Montaigne begins her own viewing pleasure Jurassic Park in the 1990s seeking to understand the various discoveries that made this awareness possible. Scientists actually had to contend with religion and their own beliefs when they realized that the first dinosaur fossils date back to a time before Adam and Eve. We therefore move with a great deal of interest and enjoyment from the conferences at which paleontologists overturned received ideas, to the first painters responsible for representing these species that have been extinct for millions of years.

The author therefore seizes the opportunity to establish a new connection between her own journey and researchers: scholars need painters to disseminate their knowledge of the antediluvian world. It is enough to ask more personal questions about the way we understand and question the facts.

The topics that Marion Montaigne addresses in this dense work, as well as in the podcast that we invite you to listen to on this page.

Commentaries collected by Charles Louis DeTournay.

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